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Publishing to save or poison?

A publisher responds to the Wall Street Journal article “Darkness Too Visible”

This past weekend, The Wall Street Journal published an article, titled “Darkness Too Visible,” criticizing contemporary young adult literature and what the author, Meghan Cox Gurdon, perceives as its dangerous and distorted depiction of life.

Within a few hours, the Internet was alight with infuriated responses from young adult authors, readers, librarians, and booksellers, many commenting via Twitter to the hashtag #YASaves about the life-saving importance of YA novels that look honestly and unflinchingly at real problems.

One of the books that Mrs. Gurdon calls out for its profanity and “pathologies depicted in gut-wrenching detail” is Shine by Lauren Myracle (Spring 2011), a novel about a hate crime in an impoverished Southern community…

on Friday, June 10th, 2011
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