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The Plane Sense of Things

A Thinking Stone by Michael Jacobs

I’m on an airplane from London back to New York, and about an hour ago I saw below us the tip of what must have been Greenland after five or so hours over the Atlantic. It was exciting mostly because it was unexpected, having flown over England and Ireland and then over thousands of miles of water under the clouds, which were mesmerizing in their perfect simplicity.

I imagined the Grand Banks below, somewhere down there, a place I’d read about in The Perfect Storm, a shelf out in in the sea where sword fishermen go to catch their fill and, hopefully, return intact with their payload. And I let the sight of those clouds seduce me to sleep like sirens instead of reading Jane Eyre which I’d intended to do—for the first time, I’m embarrassed to admit—on the long plane ride home. Rochester will wait, I suppose, and so will Jane and so will I, for the weekend and some time on the couch or a chair in the sun with that brilliant Brontë sister.

on Friday, April 15th, 2011
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