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A Few Words About Resolutions

Happy New Year With Author Erin McHugh

I’m suspicious of them. I put them in the same category as diets: in the main, they’re doomed from the start, with a hefty chaser of guilt and self-recrimination.

“But you’re the author of ONE GOOD DEED!” you may be thinking. “You set out to do something good every day for a whole year!” Well, true. But first of all, I was clever enough to start my journey on my birthday, which falls dead in the middle of the summer, so it wasn’t like starting a diet Monday morning. And my mission was different. I wasn’t trying to change who I was – I was trying to discover who I was, in a way. When you tell yourself you’re going to make big changes, well, that’s when the trouble starts, if you ask me. You get resentful, you bite off more than you were prepared to chew. Before long, you hate everything about your resolution, and now you’re mad at yourself for the torture you’ve inflicted.

on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013
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