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A Sweet Passover

Author Lesléa Newman talks about her favorite holiday

Like Miriam, the little girl in A Sweet Passover, I love everything about the holiday. As a child, I loved the days before Passover when I helped my mother take down the special dishes we only used this time of year. I loved our many trips to the supermarket, where we found boxes of matzah piled high as the Wailing Wall. I eagerly awaited the arrival of my grandmother who kissed me on the cheek leaving a bright red lipstick mark, and then rolled up her sleeves, headed for the kitchen, and went right to work. And I loved the seder itself, with my father at the head of the table, his yarmulke perched on his head like a beanie; my mother and grandmother sitting with their aprons on, ready to jump up and tend to the food; my brothers reading aloud quickly in Hebrew to speed up the seder when we all got really hungry; and my dog lying at my feet, hoping for a morsel of matzah.

on Monday, April 2nd, 2012
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