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Last Thursday was a proud day for ABRAMS. Over 550 members of the publishing industry came together to toast Michael Jacobs, President and CEO of ABRAMS. The occasion was Goddard Riverside’s 26th Annual New York Book Fair Gala and Michael was this year’s honoree.

on Friday, February 8th, 2013
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Lindy sits diagonally across from my desk, in a warmly lit, comfortable office. She’s my island of calm on hectic days and I love that we can see each other perfectly from our desks. She’s a very quiet, very hard worker, that Lindy, and is always here long after I leave.

on Friday, January 11th, 2013
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Banned Books Week

Eat the Damn Cupcake!

It’s Banned Books Week! Huzzah! And now please pretend I am handing you a celebratory cupcake, because . . . well . . . it’s Banned Books Week! Huzzah! And Banned Books Week deserves to be celebrated, because talking about ideas is GOOD. Having a conversation is GOOD. Even if you and I don’t agree about whatever it is we’re discussing, that’s okay, because engaging our minds (and our hearts) as we grapple with our differences helps us grow. And, Lord, do I want to grow. Always.

In 2007, a series I wrote called The Internet Girls appeared on the American Library Association’s top ten list of the most frequently challenged books, at spot number seven. I was horrified. Worse, I was ashamed. What would my mom think? My kids? My friends? Were my books (my babies!) truly so terribly dangerous/offensive/bad that people wanted them gone?

on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
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Oktoberfest at ABRAMS

Lifting spirits in the office, with spirits!

With a significant percentage of our co-workers in Germany earlier this month, Kristina Tully (Assistant Contracts Manager) and I wondered if there was a way to lift the spirits of those remaining. Kristina is presently attending business school and was inspired by one of her management classes. We contacted Michael with a plan and he agreed. A mini Octoberfest on Friday!

on Monday, October 24th, 2011
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Tracking the trends, ABRAMS style

In which our resident human-interest blogger delves into the world of 'office trends'

It’s my last week on the job as the editor of this blog and what a ride it has been. Thank you to all who have been reading and encouraging us through this growth process. But I digress. The post below is all fun, all office trends, courtesy of our resident Human Interest Blogger here on Floor 6 aka Merle Browne, executive assistant to our CEO Michael Jacobs. She makes some pretty valid observations. Read on and see if you agree…

on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
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What We Did This Summer: Abrams Edition

Saying goodbye to summer with some select vacation memories

Ahead of Labor Day, the official end to summer (and our summer Fridays!), publicist Marisa Dobson reflects on her summer vacation and a few other choice ABRAMS folk’s plans as well.

Labor Day is looming and with it comes back-to-school specials and the seasonal lengthening of to-do lists across all departments. To celebrate the last gasp of summer, I asked a few of my Abrams colleagues to share their summer adventures and took this opportunity to reminisce about my own jaunt down to Baltimore…

on Thursday, September 1st, 2011
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The Hidden Talents of ABRAMS: Revealed

So who really was a Majorette?

Merle Browne, executive assistant to CEO and President Michael Jacobs, finally divulges the final answers to our ‘Hidden Talents’ post on Monday.

It’s been a busy week here on the sixth floor, and though lots of people stopped me in the hall begging for clues to my list of extraordinary employees and their talents, not too many people ventured actual guesses.

on Friday, August 19th, 2011
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In Memoriam: William Sleator

Paying tribute to the beloved author

I began working with Bill as a young editor, after his editors Ann Durrell and Karen Lotz left Dutton. In our first conversation, I made the mistake of telling him I had read his books as a child. He was horrified. He hated to be reminded of his age, and brought up this gaffe for years after. He could be merciless and sharp-witted in this way, but also brilliant, hilarious, and much warmer and kinder than he let on to most. His work ethic was extraordinary, as his output of novels shows. He lived to write and wrote to the end. Though he hated getting old, to me he died much too young.

on Thursday, August 4th, 2011
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Corn, corn, corn! The great (corn-filled) state of Iowa

Visiting the country's midsection with the only Art of the State book still in print

Last week I headed back to my hometown of Sioux City, Iowa for a few days of good food, fun, and relaxation. Before leaving, I leafed through an older Abrams book, Iowa, part of the Art of the State series from the late 1990s. While only 96 pages, it packs a wealth of information about the Hawkeye State including information on art (Grant Wood), public works (the bridges of Madison County), the Iowa State Fair, and of course, corn.

on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011
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The changing world of the Columbia Publishing Course

Two ABRAMS employees shed light on why the publishing world institution matters

The Columbia Publishing Course is an industry institution, in which college graduates from far and wide come to New York City in hopes of pursuing their dreams of working in book publishing. Hot on the heels of a fascinating New York Times article last week, Jason Wells, the executive director of marketing & publicity for Abrams Books for Young Readers & Amulet Books, and Wesley Royce, assistant editor, reflect on their experiences with the CPC and the value of the six-week program in a constantly evolving publishing world.

on Monday, July 25th, 2011
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