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Paying a visit to the studio of dog photographer William Wegman

What's it like getting all that affection from some beautiful pups?

When you’ve been in publishing and sales as long as I have it’s easy to get jaded. Dinner with Ivan Doig, Don Delillo, Barry Moser, Jon Scieszka, Reynolds Price? Sure, I’ve had the pleasure. Playing piano for Garrison Keillor? I might have been nervous but I did it. Chatting over lunch with Michael Eisner or meeting Bill Bradley or Robert Macneil? Yes, when I was a mere publishing pup.

Which brings me to a more recent thrill, and maybe my biggest ever. Ever since the early days of Saturday Night Live, when I saw a funny, quiet video about dogs playing baseball I’ve been a fan of William Wegman. I loved the way he combined the beauty of weimeraners, the lovely German hounds, with a great photographic eye and a broad sense of humor to create art that works on many levels. When he started working with puppies he sealed the deal. And since 2002 I’ve had the pleasure of selling his books and calendars for Abrams. It’s been a while since we’ve done a new book, but every year we do his two calendars, Man’s Best Friend and William Wegman’s Puppies. He’s got a loyal audience and the calendars are fun to sell.

on Thursday, June 2nd, 2011
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