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What We Read In 2012

Our Favorite Books From This Past Year

Whenever a new year starts I look back on the books I’ve read and try and think about what I liked the most, and what I’m most looking forward to in the upcoming year. Working in publishing is great for many reasons, but being able to talk with coworkers just as passionate and knowledgeable about the world of literature is perhaps the best part. I decided to poll some of these coworkers to see what they read in 2012 and find out what they liked best, and what they’re looking forward to tackling in 2013. See what we read after the break!

on Monday, January 14th, 2013
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I am a frequent sinner in the kitchen, and I’m not afraid to say that the boys of Red Hook, Brooklyn’s Baked Bakery are in a way my lords and saviors. Through their first book with Stewart, Tabori & Chang, Baked, they have taken me from burning poorly-mixed cookies to making elaborate peanut butter bars. I should confess that I’m more often than not relegated to sous-chef by my much more talented partner-in-crime, but even then my skills have been improving thanks to Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito’s accessible and delicious recipes. Their new book Baked Elements is out this month and charts the boys’ 10 favorite ingredients with a few recipes for each. In celebration of its release, Abrams is blogging employees’ attempts to “pull off” one recipe per ingredient until we’ve tackled all 10 ingredients, and I was first at bat.

on Monday, September 10th, 2012
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New York International Gift Fair

A week at "Gift Show"

This week marked both the peak and the end of the New York International Gift Fair—a whirlwind experience of soaps, fragrances, artisanal jewelry, throw pillows, beautiful furniture, and books!

on Friday, February 3rd, 2012
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Angel Tree

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s longstanding holiday tradition

For those of us easily won over by sentiment, the Holiday Season is a time of overwhelming emotion. Whether it’s nostalgia, joy, or a soul-filling sense of love, the Holiday Season evokes reactions in all—and especially me. I know I’m getting a bit weepy over here, but the best part about a city like New York during this time of year is a palpable attitude shift that begins as soon as decorations are hung about the streets. Walking down 7th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn (the place I call home) is a whole different experience than it was a month ago with lights strung across the street and all the local businesses doing their part in transforming the street into a festive play land.

on Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
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Paying a visit to the store: Books of Wonder

Exploring another great independent bookshop in New York City

Well hello again, friends.

This is the second entry in my quest to explore all that New York City has to offer by way of Independent Bookshops, and this time we’re going full-on child. Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s time for BOOKS OF WONDER! Working in the Sales Department at ABRAMS has meant that I’ve heard of Books of Wonder many times; whether for an event, an order, or just for its glee-filled reputation Books of Wonder has always been in the back of my mind. And yet, I’d never been. Thankfully this blog provided me with just the opportunity I needed.

on Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
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Paying a visit to the store: The Strand

Going on an adventure to discover what 18 miles of books really means

This is the first in an occasional series profiling NYC (and surrounding area) book stores. Here, Matthew Dinda, sales assistant, talks up the wonders of The Strand and its 18 miles of books.

One of the major difficulties I faced when moving from suburbia to NYC’s urban jungle was finding a new bookstore to frequent. I am a loyalist when it comes to my bookstores, and after finding the one I love I will refuse to shop anywhere else (unless I can’t find what I’m looking for!) New York has much to offer in the way of independent bookstores, and some of them are among the most well-known in the country. What better way to find a bookstore I love than to explore as many as I can? I decided that it’s probably best to start with the one that tugs at my tote-bag-loving heart strings every morning on the subway: Strand Books.

on Monday, August 8th, 2011
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Navigating the Children’s Book Council (with Harry Potter in tow)

Taking the exciting leap into a storied publishing industry institution

Sales Assistant Matthew Dinda gives us an inside peek at the great work he and other ABRAMS staffers do for the Children’s Book Council and the Council’s Early Career Committee. Jason Wells, executive director of children’s marketing and publicity, and Susan Van Metre, publisher for Abrams Books for Young Readers, Amulet Books and Abrams Appleseed, are also involved.

on Friday, July 29th, 2011
in the category Children's Books