Ink Around The Office

ABRAMS Colleagues Share Their Artwork

I know it’s freezing and we’re all bundled up, but I spied a tattoo the other day over by an area of our office known as “Open Design” and decided to do some detective work to see how many tattoos I could find here in the office.


I was pleasantly surprised!


Several people passed me along to others and, of course, everyone had a story.


Maria Middleton has a gorgeous copy of her brother’s signature on her arm and has recently added some lilies in his memory.


Erica Finkel has a wee landscape from The Little Prince on her arm.


Me? Married 30 years, Mr. Browne and I had our son (a tattoo artist) give us anchors.


Maggie Maggio has pretty flowers, Tamar has a T, and Danielle in Sales has a puzzle piece.





My favorite was the least expected. Ivy McFadden over in Managing Editorial heard me asking and offered a peek at her ink. She lifted her shirt, and it was glorious. Wow, Ivy!


Merle Browne is Executive Assistant to ABRAMS CEO, Michael Jacobs.


on Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
in Around the Office
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