Martin Luther King Jr.

A King Family Tribute

On January 15, 2013, Martin Luther King Jr. would have celebrated his eighty-fourth birthday. For a great many reasons, his absence is felt by all, but nowhere more profoundly than in the homes and hearts of his family.


In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., his niece Angela Farris Watkins, for the first time ever, gathered together family members to share inspirational reflections and memories of their time spent with the man they knew as a brother, an uncle, and a friend in the new book, Martin Luther King Jr.: A King Family Tribute. From quiet moments at his home to celebrating at family gatherings, to marching side by side with him in demonstrations, readers will understand more about Martin Luther King Jr. the man, as only his family could have.


Also included in this all-new book are contributions by his grand nephews and nieces, who, although never had a chance to meet Martin Luther King Jr. have grown up with his legacy, and explain what this means to them and the mantle they must carry and live up to.


Alongside these moving tributes are personal, many never-before published, family photos of Martin Luther King Jr. as well as new photographs of the memorial dedicated to him in August 2011 on the National Mall in Washington D.C.


Martin Luther King Jr.: A King Family Tribute, edited by Angela Watkins, PhD., foreword by Andrew Young (Abrams Books, 2013), is available now wherever books are sold.


Colin Riley is an Associate Marketing Manager for ABRAMS. 

on Friday, January 18th, 2013
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