I Want to Go to Chelsea: December 2012

Art Around Town & Beyond

It’s been a while since the last time I posted on this blog about the happenings in the local NYC art world.  Summer is always a bit quieter at the galleries and I just haven’t had the chance to get there on the weekends.  But a visit from an artist friend of ours this past weekend, made for a great reason to head to Chelsea.

Hurricane Sandy hit some of the Chelsea galleries pretty hard, much art was lost and there are still some places that are closed for renovations.  However, there are still a number of galleries that are open and the art scene is still bustling.  Highlights of the day included:


Cheim and Read Gallery presents Tal R: The Shlomo
November 15th through January 12th, 2013

Per the press release, “For this exhibition at Cheim & Read, Tal presents a group of carnivalesque-like canvases, patterned with psychedelic stripes and sometimes inhabited by a character named Shlomo (short for Solomon, Shlomo is also Tal’s middle name). Shlomo is both formalist prop and narrative force; his presence lends a sense of ennui to otherwise vivid compositions.”


Pace Gallery – Chuck Close
October 19th through December 22nd, 2012

Pace Gallery is currently showing recent paintings and prints by Chuck Close.  The show includes never-before-seen portraits of people such as Cindy Sherman, Paul Simon, and Philip Glass. Also, on view are newer works of Close’s watercolor prints.  It is definitely a show worth checking out!

Recommended  Reading - Chuck Close: Face Book by Chuck Close (Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2012)


Mitchell-Innes & Nash – Keltie Ferris
November 29th through January 12th, 2012

Ferris’ paintings mix oil, acrylic, and hand-made spray paint.  They are fun, vibrant and worth a trip to this gallery.


Andrea Rosen Gallery – Cellblock I, curated by Robert Hobbs
December 1st through February 2nd, 2013

This show is actually two group exhibitions.  Cellblock I is on view at their main location at 525 West 24th Street and is the part of the show that we were able to visit.  Part two of the exhibition, titled Cellblock II, is at their newly opened secondary location at 544 West 24th Street.  Cellblock I features works from Peter Halley, Robert Motherwell, Sterling Ruby and Kelley Walker.  Per the press release, “The complex ideas behind the show and Hobbs’ very deliberate choice of work suggest further layers of reading while remaining open to the viewers’ own abstracted relationships with the works and their unique experiences.  As is characteristic of shows at the Gallery, Cellblock I affords the opportunity to look at these familiar artists in a new way and with more depth, both in relation to each other and in regards to their individual practices.”

Peter Halley,
Prison and Cell with Smokestack and Conduit


Robert Motherwall, Dover Beach No. III


Fredericks & Fraiser – David Humphrey: New Paintings
November 28th through January 19, 2013

These new paintings by David Humphrey have bold color and interesting imagery.


Matthew Marks Gallery – Charles Ray
November 9th through January 12th, 2013

This show features 3 gorgeous sculptures from Ray.  Each is made from machined solid stainless steel and weighs between 1400 – 6000 lbs.  They are quite a site and I thought they alone were worth the trip to Chelsea!


Marianne Boesky Gallery – Barnaby Furnas: If Wishes Were Fishes…
November 13th – December 21st, 2012

This exhibition of new paintings and graphite drawings by Barnaby Furnas titled “If Wishes Were Fishes,” incorporates historic and religious iconography based on the lore of Moby Dick and Jonah’s flight from God.  From the press release, Furnas says “ “What interested me about whaling in the first place was that they (the whales) gave us light – their fat allowed us to bring God’s light into the darkness of the night so we could see our fingers and maybe read after the sun went down.”

The works are quite intense, incorporating strong color and imagery and evoking much emotion.

Recommended Reading - Barnaby Furnas, Essay by Shamim M. Momin, Interview by Carroll Dunham (Abrams Books, 2009)


Lennon, Weinberg – Stephen Mueller: Selected Works 2007-2011
October 25th through December 22nd, 2012

Vibrant color and psychedelic imagery, the mix of soft movements along with hard edges made this show one of my favorites of the day!


The day finished with a trip to the Corner Bistro and an opening reception for a show that some friends were in, titled “Punt” at Feature on the LES.  A great day for art, indeed!


Alison Gervais is Senior Production Manager for ABRAMS.