The Dark Knight Trilogy Now Available On Blu-ray And DVD

Includes Exclusive Booklet From The Art and Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy

The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray and DVD will go on sale globally today – and it will include an exclusive booklet distilled from our New York Times bestseller The Art and Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy.

It’s good news for all of us that people still relish the feel of a book in their hands- even as they are watching the opening scene of a movie they have hotly anticipated owning. And like a free food sample in a market, it is an irresistible taste of the full feast available between the covers the original book. Find out more about the Blu-Ray and DVD here.


The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy by Jody Duncan Jesser and Janine Pourroy, foreword by Christopher Nolan, introduction by Michael Caine is available now wherever books are sold!

Lindley Boegehold is Editorial Director for Calendars, Licensing and Custom Publishing at ABRAMS.

on Tuesday, December 4th, 2012
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