Designers & Books Fair 2012

The ABRAMS Experience

The month of October is always exciting here at ABRAMS, from the epic festivities of Comic-Con to the colorful crowd—both two and four legged—at The Sheep and Wool Festival, it seemed like every weekend was filled with excellent events, sights and sounds that spanned the genres of all our books.

And in that final October weekend, ABRAMS had the distinct pleasure of being a part of the first annual Designers & Books Fair. The show, held at New York’s own F.I.T., was produced by Designers & Books founder Steve Kroeter, and featured a grand assortment of publishers and panels from all over the world.

The amazing turnout in the show’s exhibition hall featured all the art book heavy hitters, including Phaidon, Prestel, Rizzoli Universal (and of course ABRAMS), as well as rare and out of print book dealers, calligraphers, letterpress printers and book binders.

ABRAMS had a strong presence at the two-day fair, from our diverse selection of books covering all areas of design (fashion, architecture, interior, graphic and industrial)….

…Our fantastic book giveaways (hat tip to Matt Dinda and Wayne Gurreri who made these beautiful spirals!)…

….to some ABRAMS staff members sharing their expertise and knowledge of the world of design book publishing (I’m looking at you, Eric Himmel and John Gall!).

We also had some of our designiest local authors come in to do some signings. (from top to bottom: Katie Ridder author of Katie Ridder Rooms, Sheri Koones author of Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid, Gretchen Hirsch author of Gertie’s Book for Better Sewing, and Lisa Immordino Vreeland author of Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel).

The event—with its 35 plus publishers, 17 panels and dozens of book signings—was buzzing with design book lovers of all ages, many of whom approached a number of us at the ABRAMS booth to reminisce about their memories of our backlist titles they still treasure, and their excitement for our upcoming titles. Students from all of the New York art schools were blown away by our front list fashion titles (we sold out of all of them) and were appreciative of the show discount that allowed them to take one home to start their own libraries. For me this part was especially rewarding, since I still go home for the holidays and admire the rows of old ABRAMS spines that line the shelves of my parents’ bookcase. As far as we have come in the publishing world, embracing innovations in technology and increasing our reach to encompass areas of interests as broad and different as cooking, crafts and comic arts, this event was truly a chance for ABRAMS to celebrate its roots in the world of art book publishing, and remember where we started. It was heartening to see a room filled with people excited by the physical object that is a book, and this was the feeling that filled F.I.T the entire weekend: Enthusiasm, not only for art and design, but the books—like ours—that celebrate them.


Nico is the Marketing Assistant at ABRAMS who loves art, sunshine and Smokey Robinson. You can follow her on twitter and instagram at: @nico_wins