Alice in Wonderland

Giant Poster and Coloring Book

My kids are I are huge Alice in Wonderland fans – we’ve watched the Disney movie together several times, and they both love reading The Annotated Alice with me before bed. They make me read and reread the annotations, even though they don’t understand most of them. So they were completely thrilled when I brought home The Alice in Wonderland Giant Poster and Coloring Book (Abrams Image, 2012). Full disclosure: The girls actually colored (i.e., destroyed) an entire Alice coloring book already, so I had to bring home a brand-new one for the purpose of this blog post!

I think it is the original Tenniel illustrations that make this coloring book stand out from all the others. The drawings are beautiful, but also mysterious and a little scary. When Alice’s neck stretches out all the way she looks monstrous – and when she is stuck in the house and growing out the windows it definitely feels claustrophobic!

Below are some photos of my eldest daughter with the coloring book, which I would recommend for any child who loves the Alice books.


My younger daughter Penny in her PJs, ready to read The Annotated Alice.


Veronica holding the coloring book. The girls both love the humongous size of this book – they’ve never seen a coloring book like it!


Veronica is very particular about choosing which picture she’ll color.


Checking out the poster for color reference!


Getting to work…


Her almost-finished Alice.


The Alice in Wonderland Giant Poster and Coloring Book by Lewis Carroll, illustrations by John Tenniel (Abrams Image, 2012) is available now where books are sold.


Jennifer Levesque is Editorial Director for Adult Trade at ABRAMS. 

on Monday, April 16th, 2012
in Children's Books
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