Jean Paul Gaultier in Montreal

An amazing exhibition makes a fashionable debut at the Montreal Museum of Fine arts

Marketing Manager Ashley Rich takes a much needed vacation and had the chance to take a peek at the incredible Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier show now on view at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art. The exhibition will debut in the U.S. at the Dallas Museum of Art in November.

This summer there was an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that was the talk of New York: the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Costume Institute. Everyone I knew saw it and raved about it. I stupidly waited until the last weekend to try and see it—this was a huge mistake. The Met boasted record lines that weekend and even stayed open until the wee hours of the early morning to try to accommodate the throngs of fashion lovers who came from near and far to see the show. While I did miss out on McQueen, I was able to catch the Jean Paul Gaultier retrospective at the Museum of Fine Art in Montreal a few weeks ago and it was, in a word, AMAZING.

I had already whetted my appetite by flipping through the soon-to-be published catalog for the show. The book and package itself are so cool that if you can’t make it to Montreal (or Dallas, or San Francisco–the show will travel), it’s the next best thing.

But really, the exhibition was like none I’ve ever seen. The clothes were displayed on pedestals, but they were out in the open, not behind glass, so you could really get up close to examine the detail and work that went into them. Many of the haute couture items also had cards that listed the materials used and how many hours of work it took to actually sew the garment. You also get a real sense of who Jean Paul Gaultier is as a person as well as his inspirations, professional rise, controversies (including the Chic Rabbi collection of 1993), costume designs for film and stage, and his decision to set up a haute couture atelier in the late 1990s. While I still feel a little bad about missing McQueen, the Gaultier exhibition and book satisfied my yen for seeing some stunning fashion up close and personal.

on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
in Fashion
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