To Market, To Market: Paying a visit to the Greenmarket with Nikki McClure

The wonders of summer produce and a farmers market

Alison Gervais, senior production manager at ABRAMS, talks cooking from the farmer’s market and a rare East Coast visit from our foodie artist-author Nikki McClure.

One of my favorite things about life in New York City is the bounty of local farmer’s markets. Whether it’s the massive Greenmarket in Union Square or a neighborhood farmstand, buying local and fresh is the motto these days and the farmer’s markets that have popped up across the country serve as evidence.

Luckily, even when it’s cold and rainy, I’ve found some indoor markets to visit here in the city, which makes my commitment to local produce that much easier to stick to. But it’s the summertime that really gets my culinary juices flowing: the color and smell of the fresh cilantro, tomatoes, basil, peaches and berries is overwhelming. As a foodie and dabbling cook, what I find most fun is making up my dinner menu as I shop and nowhere is that easier than the city’s Greenmarkets in the middle of summer. I buy items from local fish and meat to fruits, vegetables and flowers! I know what I am eating is fresh and is as close as farm to table as one can get in NYC.

So, this past Saturday, when our incredible artist-author Nikki McClure, author of the incredible new book To Market, To Market,  visited two of NYC’s most popular markets for a book signing, I took the opportunity to meet her, spend time with some of my colleagues, and check an item or two off of my shopping list!

Nikki spent time making some of her cut paper illustrations…

And spoke with her fans about her process…

Susan, Chad and Mary Ann spoke with visitors and hung out at the booth…

There was even a special appearance from Susan’s dog Muggs!

Nikki’s passion for farm to table is as strong and runs as deep as my own. Her latest book is a testament to her love of farmer’s markets. I can’t lie and say that my time at her signing this weekend didn’t inspire me to invent a little feast of my own: an on-the-fly dinner menu of duck breast tacos with avocado & leek chutney, topped off with a peach, radish and spring onion salsa! Nikki would be proud, too: The duck and almost all of the veggies were from the farmer’s market.

Hopefully this inspires you to make some farm fresh meals this summer as well!

on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
in Children's Books, Cooking
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